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Think about this: Every day you walk on your carpet, tracking in a countless amount of dirt, dust and grime. Most of that goes unnoticed until it's too late to simply vacuum up. As the best carpet cleaner in Chesapeake, VA, we will provide you with the DEEPEST clean around! There are a few things that really set us apart from the competition. Our unique approach to carpet cleaning in Chesapeake, VA, is the first. As the #1 carpet cleaner in Chesapeake, VA, we provide you with a better experience overall. We treat your carpet like we would our own. On top of that we have a combination of the best solution and cleaning method, along with experienced technicians.


The Natural

Not only do we offer quick and efficient cleaning, but A&J Chem-Dry provides your carpet with a healthy clean, using completely non-toxic solutions, free of harsh chemicals. We have your best interests at heart, which is why we treat your carpets with the best healthy products. This provides you with a healthy home, from a carpet cleaning service with products that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. We can provide you with all of this because of our flagship solution, The Natural®. Here are a few reasons why everyone near Chesapeake, VA, is using The Natural:

  • Every ingredient in The Natural is on FDA's G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list
  • This solution is inspired by the best example of clean around, Mother Nature
  • Absolutely NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS, enzymes or soaps
  • The Natural is one of the purest solutions available
  • Perfect for anyone with allergies
  • Only SAFE ingredients used
  • NO RESIDUE left behind



So trust A&J Chem-Dry to provide the most reliable, green carpet cleaning service. We know you will be nothing but satisfied with our natural, "green" inspired carpet cleaning service.


A&J Chem-Dry's Secret Revealed: The Power of Carbonation

When it comes down to giving you a DEEP clean, steam cleaning just won't cut it. Have you ever tried to remove a stain from a shirt using club soda? Our powerful carbonated cleaning solution does just that to quickly and efficiently clean your carpets! Millions of tiny bubbles scrub your carpets themselves, providing you with a deep clean that lasts. Trust the experts at Chem-Dry and our proprietary Power of Carbonation technique to restore your carpet’s glory and to make that clean last! Take a look below at the difference between steam cleaning and A&J's DEEP cleaning combined with the power of carbonation:

Steam Cleaning vs. A&J Chem-Dry's Carbonated Cleaning


 As you can see, our process, thanks to carbonation, LIFTS the dirt, bacteria, soap, mold, allergens, pollutants and even dust mites right out of your carpet! You'll be nothing less than impressed with the power of carbonation. Your carpets will thank us!



A DRIER Cleaning Solution

Other carpet cleaners in Chesapeake will try to convince you that their methods clean the deepest and offer the best results. After dumping a ton of water and icky chemicals in your carpet, all that's left, unfortunately, is a sticky mess that takes days to dry. The worst part is that this can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and grime (both of which thrive under the carpets), but with A&J Chem-Dry they don’t stand a chance. Our methods have been proven to be more effective. The best part is they don’t require nearly as much moisture (as shown to the right), and don't even get us started on drying time! Rather than the typical 1-2 day drying time estimate, you can expect dry carpets within a few hours.


Trust the Chem-Dry methods to see a great clean, without the harsh chemicals. We clean to last, so call today to experience the A&J Chem-Dry clean! We truly are the best carpet cleaner in Chesapeake, VA!

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