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Deodorizers and Fragrances

Well that wasn't called for, right? We won't lie to you, carpet hardly ever smells THIS bad, but when it does suddenly people's sense of smell gets better drastically. Not a single person wants to apologize to their company for their home smelling bad, and if we don't even want our pets to have this response when they smell something, why should we allow our carpet to accumulate germs that change the unique aroma of our home? This should never happen. Although it's true there are home treatment options that can buy us some time, there are several odors that can't be cured if you don't have specialized therapy.

Introducing A&J Chem-Dry's Odor Extinguisher


With A&J Chem-Dry's trademark odor extinguisher, you will be armed with a solution that is not going to simply boost or temporarily remove odor, you will possess ingredients that are sure to subdue even the freshest stains (including, and especially, pet urine!). The most beneficial part about the odor extinguisher is this: there are absolutely no strong bleaches or chemicals by any means. You can at any time apply this treatment around pets and kids without worrying about doing harm to them. In addition to that, this product is safe to use on all carpet types!

Carpet Deodorizers


If you're mainly looking to perk that home up a bit, our carpet deodorizers are excellent for you! Like our odor extinguisher, our deodorizers are "green certified", with the help of the best ingredients around that, like we said before, are safe for you and not so safe for that annoying stench! The greatest part about our carpet deodorizers is that it, under no circumstances, is a temporary answer to an issue. Your carpet will be protected from resoiling through special polymers that embrace your carpet fibers and establish a soil-resistant layer. Your carpet will look and smell great long after the initial spray! And with choices like "Lemon Grove" and "Apple Cinnamon", you can't resist!


That's more like it! With A&J Chem-Dry's deodorizers and fragrances, you'll be able to sleep easy.

At times, it's not enough to have revolutionary, specialized carpet cleaning. Give us a call today to order our state of the art odor extinguishers and deodorizers!

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