Carpet Cleaning

Go Green With Chem-Dry

go green with chem-dry

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Green Cleaning With Chem-Dry

Here at Chem-Dry, we do our best to provide you with a service that is top of the line. Our services will leave your home as good as new in just a few hours! You won't have to sit around waiting too long for the carpet to dry. On top of that, our innovative solution goes deep into your carpet and pulls the dirt and grime right out!

One of the best parts of us is the fact that Chem-Dry is GREENER. What we mean by that is, with a mixture of ingredients inspired by Mother Nature, we clean your home while also being environmentally conscious! So, fortunately for you, after a professional clean from us, your carpet won't actually turn out green! In fact, the opposite is true! If your family party leaves you with a couple unexpected green spots, give us a call!