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Spots and Spills

spots and spills

It's back to school! With the joy of new classes, new friends and a new year, your home is unfortunately subjected to unique potential stains!! Now that you don't have to worry about entertaining them throughout the day, this is your best chance to get ready for those yearly problems! So, we have a few suggestions that'll help prepare your home for those tracked-in stains.

Shoe Rack

One of the best ways to keep dirt out is to stop it at the door! Using a shoe rack, you can ensure that that happens. Just sit back, and let the rack do all the work! With this simple and easy step, you can rest easy, knowing that the majority of the dirt outside will stop at the door. This is especially helpful now that summer is wrapping up and kids are playing outside as much as possible before the weather goes south!

Chore Charts

On top of shoe racks, one way to regularly keep that house clean is through a chore chart! Setting a cleaning system like this will give your home the constant care that it should have! It also helps bring the family together (even if it is while doing chores)! With everyone's help, the process will go by much smoother!

Regular Professional Cleaning

While it's true that shoe racks and daily cleaning will keep the home generally clean, the best thing for your home is to periodically have it professionally cleaned! By taking advantage of our unique ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment, you will have a clean that lasts! For a healthier clean, and a healthier home, make sure you give A&J Chem-Dry a call at 757-805-0242!

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